The largest port of the country, Piraeus, is changing its appearance, in order to transform into something new and different. The large Chinese investment in the port of Piraeus is being investigated this time by the journalistic team of the news show “Special Missions” of ERT1.

More specifically, Fanis Papathanasiou presents us with Chinese investment and life in the port of Piraeus from 2008 onwards, when Cosco Shipping acquired 51% of PPA. We see that the rate of movement of goods has soared, employment has increased and Piraeus now belongs to the most important ports in Europe.

In the show, representatives of the Chinese giant, old Piraeus residents, G.Petsis, CEO of DPort Services and PCDC SA, as well as employees of DPort Services and partner companies in the port, who toil daily under particularly difficult conditions, give a speech.

Watch the video at the link below


Special Missions: “The Silk Road in Piraeus” and the project of Cosco
Embracing our present shapes our future
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