DPort Services in collaboration with the CSI Institute and Mr. Manolis Sfakianakis, President of the International Institute of Cyber Security and General of the Hellenic Police completed the first online seminar:

“What is the internet? How can we use it safely without putting ourselves and our children at risk?”

As the pandemic continues, it is now clear that a significant part of our social life has shifted to online activities. The internet is an extremely useful tool, but it can also become very dangerous if we don’t know some basic rules of proper use. The situation can become more serious if the user is a minor.

For this reason, DPort Services has taken an important initiative to inform us all. We are organizing two online informative seminars with the most competent, the President of the International Cyber Security Institute and General of the Hellenic Police, Mr. Manolis Sfakianakis, the man who created and established the Electronic Crime Prosecution Service. He will be joined by Ms. Kelly Ioannou, Director of the International Cybersecurity Institute, while the two discussions will be moderated by the journalist, Mr. Iordanis Hasapopoulos

The first informational speech took place on Saturday 20 February at 6.30 in the afternoon and concerned us as parents, as Mr. M. Sfakianakis explained to us what we must pay attention to in order to be safe, but also how we can take care of the safety of minor members of our family. After the completion of the briefing, Mr. Sfakianakis answered our questions.

Watch the recording of the first seminar in the link below

The second informational speech will take place on on Saturday 27 February at 6.30 pm and will concern our children as well as us. We believe that monitoring our children is extremely useful since they are now using the internet from a very young age. At the end, Mr. M. Sfakianakis will answer the questions of our children.

The safety of all of us – inside and outside the port – is our absolute priority.

“What is the internet? How can we use it safely without putting ourselves and our children at risk?”
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