According to the new instructions given by the general secretariat of civil protection, the use of a mask is defined as mandatory in all closed workplaces (public and private) for everyone, as well as in all open assembly areas where the rule of distance of 1.5 meters.

? We wear a mask during our work and in closed spaces (offices, changing rooms, etc.), as well as in all open spaces where the 1.5 meter distance rule cannot be observed (courtyard).

❗️ We remind you of the necessity of observing all the measures to protect our health, avoiding social contact, maintaining distances, frequent hand washing and emphasize that if any employee develops a fever, shortness of breath, unusual and unnecessary cough, loss of taste and smell to inform the clinic immediately office for further instructions.

❗️ It is also necessary to inform the labor clinic and the companies in the event that there is a case of coronavirus in your close family environment or in a person you have recently come into contact with.

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The use of a mask is mandatory
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